The City of Cape Town: Integrated Waste Management By-law, 2009 as amended (2010 and 2016) aims, inter alia, to reduce/eliminate illegal dumping.  It enforces an accreditation process for waste handlers to close the loop between the waste generator, the solid waste manager and the waste service provider to ensure that the waste is not ending up in unsuited places.  All persons / companies that provides a waste service within the City of Cape Town is required to register with the City to become an “accredited service provider”. There is no threshold on the size of the enterprise thus even the smallest bakkie must be accredited.

It was agreed in a SAPRO/GreenCape workshop in June 2017 that the plastics recyclers should assist their collectors to apply for accreditation, to ensure that all are compliant with the law. The granted accreditation is valid for 2 years.

The application is available on the City of Cape Town website:,%20notices,%20tariffs%20and%20lists/Accredited%20Waste%20Service%20Provider%20Application%20Form.pdf

The following information is compulsory:

  1. Business details
  2. Contact details of company representative
  3. Waste Management Plan
  4. License details
  5. Second hand goods certificate
  6. Nature of business

The Waste Management Plan should not be confused by the Paper and Packaging Integrated Waste Management Plan that needs to be submitted to the DEA.  This is only for the recycler or the waste transporter to comply with the City of Cape Town requirements.

Waste Management Plan Guidelines

An instruction guideline is available from the City of Cape Town. (Both documents can be found below as well.)

Accredition Application

Accreditation Template

City of Cape Town IWMP Guideline


The Plan is outlining what you do, where it came from and how you ensure that it is well managed.

You may use the following template to compile your Waste Management Plan.  Please amend where applicable.